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Finger Pulse Oxymeter - BLACK
Rs 2,899.00Rs 599.00
✅ Professional's Choice: CE certified - easily measure your oxygen level, blood oxygen saturation Spo2 value and pulse rate accurately and effective – ideal for home treatment.
✅ Easy to Operate: One key operation - simple slide your fingertip into the pulse oximeter and get your reading within seconds; consumes extremely low power and shuts down automatically
✅ Fast and Accurate Readings: Digital fingertip pulse oximeter with fast sensor gives you high precision readings in 8 seconds and offer colour 4 directions rotational display for your convenience
✅ Multifunctional Medical Equipment: Offers Perfusion Index Measurement, measures oxygen levels, shows you Spo2, pulse rate, pulse waver form and pulse bar graph – provides complete picture for better decision making
✅ Compact and Portable: 1.2” X 2.2” in size – just put it in your pockets – easy to carry and sterilize; comes with a lanyard that secures the oximeter on the go