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Pocket-Friendly Backpacking Tips

Posted on December 11 2018

Pocket-Friendly Backpacking Tips
We all have those days when we try to get the maximum out of our savings, which are running on a sparse bare minimum. Trying to squeeze in the value out of each penny to make ends meet and take a much-deserved backpacking trip. We need to learn how to play it by the ear, but playing it by the ear doesn’t necessarily mean not playing it smart. You need to be able to play it smart and learn how to improvise. Careful planning, organizing, and understanding how to prioritize are some of the basic things that’ll make all the difference between a smooth, relaxing backpacking trip or one that is rough and abrupt.
But hey, look at the bright side, there is no strict timeline, no itinerary to follow. You make your own rules, pick the place, pick the timeline and how to go about it. We have a few tips that might help on your journey to peace and fulfillment.

  • Keep it Light: Pack light, every time, all the time. A minimal amount of clothes matched to your needs to weather, mobility, and durability. Pack only the essentials and leave items of luxury behind, we’ll let you be the judge of what you need.

  • Camp As You Live: Highly portable, lightweight and dirt cheap. It is a good idea to carry your tent, they’re available in various shapes and sizes and come in a fraction of the price you would end up spending on your accommodation in a homestay, or a hotel. The old charm of backpacking is never complete without the idea a warm, fuzzy and comfy tent.

  • Cook Your Own Food: It is advisable to get your own snacks, small and portable food items like cup noodles, chips, pickle, protein bars etc. This is an excellent idea to use as a fall back to an emergency. These can make all the difference between going hungry for a night or sleeping with your belly full.

  • Buy Local: Whether it be food, supplies or medical supplies, always buy from the local industry. Go where the crowd is seen, a crowd means that the place is reliable and safe to consume from as it is serving a multitude of other places.

  • Be Wary and Aware of Scams: Follow your gut, and use your instincts. Rare as they might be, scams do crop up around different tourist destination, and especially around backpacking trails. The locals can spot a foreign tourist from miles away. It would be a tragedy to lose your money, resources or equipment when you’re already traveling on a budget. Stay ahead of the situation, make use of money belts, hidden pockets, and compartments.

With these simple backpacking hacks in mind, go ahead and go live that long-awaited adventure, let your soul drown in the waters of sweet-sweet life.



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