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Top 10 Backpacking Apps You Need to Know About

Posted on December 21 2018

Top 10 Backpacking Apps You Need to Know About
So it’s that time of the year and you’re planning to take a backpacking trip. It could be to the woods, the hills or the beach. You could be traveling with a buddy, could be traveling with your loved one or you could be traveling solo. The company, the destination and the journey all have an instrumental role to play in your overall experience. Here are some mobile apps that will make your trip seamless and smooth.
  1. will let you download map data for a country or region. This data can be used even when you do not have a data connection. It lets you read previous data, mark places and map out routes. This app is a must-have for all backpackers.

  2. Google Translate: This map is all that you need to bridge the communication gap between you and the local population. It can translate conversations instantaneously, translate texts and even translated text on top of a camera. Google switching to machine learning helps make the translation even more accurate.

  3. Skyscanner: It’s a mobile app for the famous flight search engine, this enables you to search all the flights , no matter where you are in the world.

  4. Momondo: One of the most efficient flight and train booking apps, for both IOS and Android. It’s amazing search algorigthms,filters and tie ups with aviation companies will enable you to find the cheapest flights and plan your itinerary.

  5. Whatsapp: This is a world famous app and is used almost everywhere. Known for it’s blazing fast texting, picture and video transfer. This app is free and can also work on ostensibly weaker data connection.

  6. Duolingo: If you’re an academic who loves to learn on the run, then this app let’s you do that. This immersive app let’s your learn the local language from the grassroots level. There are interactive games and also a feature for dating texts.

  7. Tinder: Who doesn’t know this app ? City dwellers, backpackers, High rollers this app is for anyone who is looking to find romantic company be it long term or shot term.

  8. Prey: Unfortunately there are times when you may run into an accident, lose your prized gadget, or be a victim to a theft. Prey is an app that helps you secure your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It allows you to track several devices in case of theft. It gives you access to GPS camera pictures to help you recover a lost device or to remotely wipe it.

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