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Will you Try the Biggest Fitness Trends of 2018?

Posted on May 13 2018

Will you Try the Biggest Fitness Trends of 2018?

The predictions for 2018's Top fitness trends were just released and Mufubu has been doing an intense investigation into WTF these things are. Bizzare or Do-able, What's your take?

Workleisure Clothing

Athleisure contributed to the rise of wearing leggings outside of the gym, and now comfy clothes are making their way into the office. Basically, workleisure takes technical, sweat-wicking, and flattering fabrics—which have made Lycra and oversized sweatshirts our everyday chic essentials—and incorporates them into work/dinner/happy hour-appropriate pieces.


Bugs, anyone? They're a cheap and sustainable source of protein, so don't be surprised to find crickets on restaurant menus instead of Fear Factor reruns. If you're keen on trying the trend, just know that bug-based foods can still be heavily processed, so bear in mind what else you're eating in addition to crunchy insects.

Fat to Fitness Bands

Move over, wristwatch, there’s a new accessory in town and it’s sleek, functional and wildly popular. These Fitness bands are wearable fitness devices that are strapped to the wrists of people everywhere, tracking their every move. These can act as a substitute for a phone when you’re out for a run and can be the most accurate fitness trainer you could ever have. Get Yours Today. Click Here

Indoor Plants

Living walls have entered a bounty of corporate spaces while eucalyptus shower bouquets are trending due to the invigorating essential oils released when activated by heat and steam. Not to mention, plants are shown to boost moods, filter toxins, and produce oxygen.


Alternative medicine practices like acupuncture saw a swift increase in demand this year. Known to help with sleep, pain, nausea, and stress, getting poked with needles all over your body has never sounded so appealing.

Matcha Made

Not only has this green powder (which is packed with caffeine and antioxidants) popped up in cafes across the country, but bakeries, grocery stores, and even beauty products have also gone mad for matcha.

Which fitness trends are you going to follow? Comment below!

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