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Travel Date with Mufubu Multifunctional Backpacks

Posted on July 01 2018

Travel Date with Mufubu Multifunctional Backpacks

Mulling over the fact that no one seems to be interested in going for that Goa trip you planned together ages ago?

Almost gathered up the courage and convinced yourself to do it all alone?

Mufubu promises we’ll help you cross that bridge. We only need 5 minutes of your time! Our seamless travel date idea could turn your unplanned weekend into a lot of fun. The night is young and alive and simply demands exploration. Weekend jaunts or the adventurous solo traveller in you, we’ve got your ‘bag’!

Buckle up, literally, with our Mufubu Multifunctional backpacks. We’re here to break all stereotypes when it comes to backpacks.

We found your luck you can carry with you.

(For the Harry Potter Fans) Your Felix Felicis:

Rediscover yourself as you walk along the shores of the sandy beaches or trek above the clouds on a wonderfully moonlit night. The sense of liberation that solo travel brings will open doors that you never knew existed. Being a solitary backpacker also makes you more approachable and strikes a friendly vibe with fellow travellers. Start an easy conversation and come back home with a bag full of memories.

Mufubu’s multifunctional backpacks will do wonders like an ‘open sesame’ charm for your invisible Room of Requirement. Pack your essentials in our sophisticated yet affordable Mufubu backpacks, The perfect add-on to your mysterious solo traveller aura! You never know where you might find “the one”, Mufubu will be a loyal companion on your quest.

Let’s get you packed for that life-changing solo journey that has been long overdue. Because we think the muggle in you needs to believe in Mufubu backpacks’ magical powers, just that it is a slightly bigger than normal charm! ;)

Me Time on Your Mufubu Travel Date:

Satisfy the lonesome wanderer in you and you need not flatter anyone or compromise for anyone else! Travel to a place where no one knows you and experience the exhilarating thrill of liberation that comes along.

Mufubu Multifunctional bags have 3-way usage as backpacks or sling bags with a built-in safety unit and a USB charging facility that will never make you regret travelling alone. Our backpacks have enough room to carry your requirements without a hitch.

Packing 101 with Mufubu Backpacks:

Make a checklist, manage your backpack contents and set off to give yourself some space from all the stress. Mufubu Adventure Collection starts just at Rs. 1699. They are built to satisfy all your travel needs. Change of clothes, thermals, layers, convertibles for the cold, portable USB charger, blanket sized scarfs, everything can fit into the Mufubu Multifunctional Hiking Bag. These light as a feather, super comfy backpacks come with our most sought after anti-theft feature to protect your belongings from the forces of evil.

If you still don’t believe us, ask any of the solo wanderers in the Mufubu family they’d readily agree that they wouldn’t have had a better travelling experience. Walking every step along with you on what starts out be a daunting pathway to discovery, Mufubu backpacks will never leave your side!


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