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The Modern Traveller Backpacks | What features can you look out for in 2018?

Posted on July 14 2018

The Modern Traveller Backpacks | What features can you look out for in 2018?

What should you look for in your backpack in 2018?

Backpacks are great when you are traveling for just a weekend. Suitcases don’t suit your requirements in this case. All your belongings can easily fit inside your backpack and it’s much easier to carry around!

Suitcases are good when you are traveling to a single place and you have a room all to yourself to leave your luggage behind in. But who travels that way anymore? Traveling for us millennials is almost always packing your bags 30 minutes before its time for you to take leave, taking where the road takes us, meeting new people.

Today, backpacks look ultra-modern and are the standard carry-on for traveling, at least to most people. It’s also about time for backpack fashion to evolve once again with the arrival of smart backpacks.

What is a Smart Backpack?

Smart backpacks are like your ordinary backpacks, but only more techie. They can charge your devices, get power from the sun, play your favorite tunes, and more. In short, they were made to adapt the lifestyle of the modern man.

Why You Need It

Smart backpacks combine everything that you need on the road, whether you’re just hitting the gym or traveling to another country for leisure. Having one brings you convenience and gives you peace of mind. They usually have varying features, depending on the manufacturers. That’s why we’ve put together a list of which goes perfectly with what type of activity that you may have.

  • Stay fashionably charged during your city commute

If you’re always out on the move, meeting clients or attending conventions, you’ll often find yourself dreading that low battery warning on your smartphone. It can be difficult to find a charger as you need it. That’s why for your city commute, it’s best to travel with our editor's choice.

KAKA CASUAL USB BACKPACK has an external USB charging port and a built-in charging cable, letting you travel with total peace of mind. You’ll have to equip it with your own battery bank of choice. But you’ll never have to be without a dying battery or in an awkward charging situation. Of course, the Backpack can also hold your laptop for you with a dedicated padded compartment that can accommodate laptops with a 17.3-inch screen.

Carrying around all your gadgets is comfortable as ever with its anti-theft features like hidden zippers and invisible pockets. The backpack was specifically designed for your life on the go. With a slim profile and a minimalist look, it was designed to deliver seamless functions for the Urban Professional.

  • Stay on Top of your Game with our Outdoor Backpacks

Love playing outdoor sports?

Here’s a backpack that can keep up with your rugged outdoor activities, this backpack has been tried and tested for you! The backpack is made of solid PP material to protect your gadgets and other stuff while you’re tackling your biggest adventures. Even it falls, your laptop inside is safely tucked. It has multiple compartments that can hold your gadgets, food, clothing, and more. No matter what the weather is, this backpack can beat it. It’s weatherproof, keeping all your things dry. 


  • Your #LifePack For Some Cross-country Traveling


Traveling to a whole new city is exciting. The idea of you exploring the great unknown is thrilling. Don’t make this adventure turn sour for you. Always keep your things safe! It’s scary to be robbed of your money and worse, your smartphone in a foreign land where you know no one. So, if unraveling foreign cities is your thing, it’s best to bring the Lifepack Anti-Theft Backpack with you.

There are many reasons this is the best bag for touring. First, it has the ability to charge your devices on the go with its solar charger. Then, it has a retractable 3-number combination lock with cable and it locks all the compartments of your bag. The lock is long enough to be attached around something secure. No need to worry about somebody trying to pry your bag open in crowded places or leaving it for a few minutes (although this one is not really recommended). Lifepack also has secret pockets where you can keep your credit cards, smartphone, and passports. And during those rainy adventure days, there’s a protective rain cover to protect your bag.

Why should you select backpacks from Mufubu?

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