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Spruce up your Diwali wardrobe with Mufubu's Top Picks

Posted on October 14 2018

Spruce up your Diwali wardrobe with Mufubu's Top Picks

Diwali season is the most prominent Indian festival and is known as the festival of lights. With a slight chill breeze in the environment, Diwali fills our hearts with immense joy and gratitude. Diwali brings an aura of positivity and newness with itself. Being one of the biggest festivals in India, Diwali is the time where people are involved in discarding the old and worn out items and invest in new and trendy objects like home/workplace decor, clothing etc.

Household and workplaces are decorated with bright, colourful string lights and diyas are placed at the entrances of homes to invite Goddess Laxmi inside and bring harmony in our abodes. People buy new clothes and spruce up their wardrobes for the festivities and are enthusiastic about the upcoming events.

Mufubu’s is an online store dealing in chicest collection of smart watches, shoes and all kinds of backpacks. This Diwali, we want you to roll out in style and steal hearts with your look and also buy utilities that not only delivers functionality but are unique.

Smart Bands-

Watches are that pieces of jewellery that both men and women can pull off effortlessly. With the advancements in technology, smartwatches have made a dramatic entry and are appreciated by many. Smartwatches at Mufubu are specially designed for the aesthetic types. Our bands are stylish and come in a wide range of styles. Our smartwatches are functional and are loved by individuals who are sporty and take their well-being seriously. These watches are trendy and are equipped with various functions to keep our health on track even when we feast upon the delicious festive meals.


Footwear have always been an essential unit of our wardrobe and amp up any outfit when paired with an excellent looking footwear. Mufubu’s shoe range is bright, comfortable and trendy. We have a fantastic collection of shoe for both men and women and keep experimenting with our collection. The quality is impressive and the shoes are feet-friendly’. ‘Good shoes take you good places’ is not just an expression but indeed it has a substantial impact on one’s personality.   


Life is better with a functional bag. The statement stands right in any situation. We find ourself carrying a bag while going out for shopping, while traveling and even in our day to day activities. Mufubu understands the need to carry a functional bag and fit in all the required things in an organised manner. We have a collection of trendy backpacks, duffle bags, Anti-theft bags and more. We have our bags made out from high-quality material and are water resistant.

This Diwali, shop away our bestsellers and add a touch of charm in your outlook this festive season. With enthusiasm towards the festivals, let us imbibe the aura of gratitude and dive in the authenticity of cultural celebration.

Have a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali!  


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