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Quirky ideas to take your Party to the Next Level

Posted on March 30 2018

Quirky ideas to take your Party to the Next Level

Get the decor right

The decor sets the ambience of the room and ultimately the mood of the party. You can mix and match colours and brighten up the place- use rugs, bean bags, cushions etc. Get those fairy lights out and hang them around in paper cups or put them in tiny mason jars and arrange them in a cool corner.

Don’t be boring with the way you serve drinks!

Let’s just agree that the drinks should be the highlight of the party. If you’re serving them in glasses make it a little interesting by using quirky straws. Or switch out your regular ice trays for reusable ice cubes! They'll never water down your drinks and remain cold longer! You can even use the ones that turn your ice into pirates or even your favourite moustaches. You’ll see how your friends won’t be able to resist snapping those for their #SnapStory.

Bring out the games

Who doesn’t like board games? It’s best to bust out some Jenga or Word Snatch when people come over for a barbecue. It keeps everyone busy and entertained while the foods getting cooked and is also a great icebreaker for when you’re mixing groups.

Plan your playlist

Better choose the songs you want to play before the party so that you don’t have to DJ through the most of it. Pick a chill selection of songs for the party to start out mellow and then ease into the fast and upbeat tracks. You may want to have a mixed selection of genres for the mixed group of people at the party.

Stick to finger food

Keep the food bit convenient and easy. You don’t want to be running around making sure the cutlery or the dishes are in place. Just order some pizza 30 minutes before your company arrives and cut it into small bite-sized pieces.


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