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Quirk Up the way You Live

Posted on April 27 2018

Quirk Up the way You Live

Many times we fantasize about redecorating our rooms, but we never get around to doing any of that, because as always, life gets in the way. Sometimes we feel a twinge of shame when we invite people over and you turn off the lights as soon as you stumble inside with that special someone. All of these are signs that some redecorating is a must.

Here are some tips to bring back some love to your room so you feel good showing it off.


Refashion reclaimed wood and give it a twist. For instance, use an old, reclaimed wooden stair to place decorations or use as storage space. You could also place an old wooden shutter on your wall and store important photographs, tickets or simply postcards or letters.


Create a layer of bricks under your bed or sofa and you can store little things like shoes or key essentials. If you are a bit messy, it can help you organize your space and give a quirky look to your room. Creating shelves on walls is a smart way to make your room look less cluttered and more creative.


Plants can be stored in small glass jars and they will always bring life and light into your room. You could put succulents in tiny brown flower pots, doodle intricate designs or paint patterns on it with acrylic. Get two strings of fairy lights and twist them around the pots for added effect. You could also create a fun lamp with just paper, a pin, and paint. You can create whatever design fits your room.


If you are a lover of bright colors, why not use color pencils as a quirky decoration for your wall?

You could also grab some old, colorful t-shirts and cut them into long strips and tie them together- this is a novel way of creating a carpet. You can adapt the same design using different fabrics, this will bring a pop of color to your room.


Putting all your random art into similar frames can make it feel like an actual gallery. You can buy cheap frames from your local stores or even just DIY wooden frames. Use old hangers by twisting them into different shapes for cool decor on the wall.



To incorporate colour and life into your room you could use printed bed sheets, covers and rugs around your room. Upholster your box-spring using a design you love. You can play with different fabrics, textures, and prints.


Everything that you use on a regular basis- from your contact lens cases to the knob you use to hang your clothes can be quirked up. If you change to a funkier contact lens case it will definitely make you look more fun and interesting. It’s the little things that make all the difference so be conscious of the details and the vibe you’re sending out.


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