How to Get More Reading Done in Less Time?

How to Get More Reading Done in Less Time?

Borrow more books than you can read

If a friend has been going on and on about a book- borrow it from her. While borrowing books from the library, borrow more than you think you’ll actually read. Having physical books stacked up in your house that you know need to be returned is like a ticking time bomb. This will encourage you to read more than you might initially have planned to.
If you are a digital reader, make sure you download a stockpile of books onto your e-reader, so you always have a wealth of choices right at your fingertips that you are eager to read.

Read more than one book at a time

People say that it gets boring for them to come back to the same book again and again- so don’t. There’s no rule that tells you to read only one book at a time. You could pick 3-4 books from different genres and space out their reading time according to you. This way you could be reading fiction novels, autobiographies, sports fiction etc Just pick up the book you’re in the mood for and go for it.

Some people do prefer to read one book at a time, but others benefit from working on several books at the same time. Some genres like fantasy fiction are more suitable for reading at night, while other books, such as non-fiction analyses, can be more suitable for reading during your commute or day breaks. When it comes to self-help books, it might be advisable to space out your reading session over time, so that you get a chance to work on the recommendations in the book.

Make it a part of your routine

Keep a book under your pillow or on the table next to your bed. Every night before sleeping you will be reminded of the book and will hopefully pick it up! This way it’ll become a part of your routine and will eventually become a habit. Also, genres like fiction or enjoyable non-fiction at night before falling asleep are a proven method to relax by putting the day behind ourselves and preparing ourselves for a good night’s sleep.

By the same token, you can make it a habit to read a few pages first thing in the morning, or read a chapter after lunch while you are digesting food and getting ready for a productive work session in the afternoon. Try and always carry a book in your bag. It’s the best way to keep yourself entertained and occupied in boring or awkward moments and can also pass off as a great conversation starter. *wink wink*

Join your peers

It’s always a good idea to get involved in activities that encourage you to read more, more and more. Look for people in your community or online who are reading the same book as you are reading. 

Keeping up with their discussions and ideas on the reading will help you move forward with your reading. You’ll be able to share your thoughts and get insight into different perspectives regarding the same story and plus you wouldn’t want to be the one who missed out on last week’s chapter, would you?

Electronic dictionary

Nobody enjoys reading something they can’t understand. If you pick up a book that is heavy by your standards, you might not pick it up again. But that doesn’t mean you can’t. We read for pleasure but we also read to know more and learn more. What’s the point of reading new words when you don’t even know what they mean? There are people who keep a dictionary next to them while reading and some who just search for whatever new word they come across right on their phones. But is the phone the best way to keep you focused on your book? Try reading ten pages with a phone in your hand and you’ll know that your phone can be your worst enemy for a book reading session. Instead, just invest in an electronic dictionary. You don't have to put down the book to go find a dictionary and look up a word. Press power button, type in the word and press OK- It's that simple!

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