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How to Funk up Your Work Desk?

Posted on March 21 2018

How to Funk up Your Work Desk?
We all spend an exorbitant amount of time in our work or creative corners so there’s no reason to not make these spaces cool, comfortable and chic. The best way to spice up your workspace is by taking the ordinary and adding a little bit of “extra” to it.  

Selective clutter

The first thing to do when one has decided to make things pretty is CLEAN UP. Get rid of everything that you haven’t used in the past three days because you definitely won’t use them in the coming three days. Used up pens, random scraps of paper, non-functioning wires etc. Just throw them out!

Plants are always a good plan

If you bring the great outdoors inside, you are bound to feel more relaxed & calm and the room automatically ends up looking more spacious & airy. Studies have shown that office plants can increase the speed in which people complete computer tasks by 12%.

Perk up the desk

Every boring stationary item that is on your desk can be perked up. Be it pens, pen stands, stick-ons, paper clips or even pinboards. You will find cute cloud shaped stick-ons, quirky magnetic giraffe pinboards and a lot more of such eccentric items on

Comfort food

While you’re slogging on a weekday a comfort snack is probably just what you’ll need to keep things going. Everyone needs to restart their clock and some sugar helps you do just that. Keep your favourite snack at an arm’s distance but avoid overindulging unless you want to hit the gym right after work.
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