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How to Embrace Minimalist Travelling and Pack Less

Posted on October 03 2018

How to Embrace Minimalist Travelling and Pack Less
We are living in the era where our lifestyle is driven by strict deadlines and never-ending chores. We are bounded with tasks and to-do lists that we hardly find time for ourselves. Travelling is a kind of escape for such individuals and is a proven way to channelize your energies and strengthen your ability to focus.
Travelling has been an integral part of adventure and leisure activities. With a desire to bring home precious memories we tend to pack heaps of luggage for ‘just in case situations’ and go overboard when it comes to packing. One of the prime rules of traveling is packing only the stuff we need and not want. That’s when minimalist travel packing trend came into being.
Minimalist travel packing setup is all about packing the stuff we need and not desire to carry during our travel time. In other words, traveling with minimal stuff for an easy- breezy travel time is termed minimalist travel. With the adrenaline rush that is brought by a mere thought of escaping with a backpack, the enthusiasm to wanderlust might end us with substantial luggage bags leaving us trapped with the heavyweights. Travellers are now embracing the concept of minimalist packing and making their travel to-do lists with only 'the essentials’.
Here is how you can join the squad and pack for an effortless outing
  • Adopt the psychology of packing less

The foremost principle of adopting the minimalist culture is to change your psyche of needing more stuff than you actually require. Once your mindset is directed towards wrapping up only the essentials for a safe and happy travel, the list will decrease eventually.
    • Choose a smaller bag

    After drawing out the list of travel essentials, the most clever hack is to choose a smaller bag that is enough to fit in the required things and eliminate the urge to pack other unnecessary stuff.
    • Follow the 7 days packing rule

    Packing for a week or less even if the trip is of a longer duration. This is a golden rule for minimalist travel packing and clears out the unnecessary baggage.
    • Opt for a versatile yet straightforward travel wardrobe

    Plan out your wearables in a simplistic manner. Layers are the key to a versatile travel wardrobe. Pack no more than 2 pairs of shoes and keep your beauty products and digital gadgets to the bare minimum.
      • Get Going

      Traveling is an adventure that must be enjoyed to its core. So buckle up your backpack and let the adventure begin.
        We understand that minimalist packing takes a lot of sacrifices and tedious work, but don’t worry — you’ll get there. Try the hacks one by one instead of all at once and get going!
        Mufubu wishes you Safe Travels!


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