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How to Add More Colour to your Life?

Posted on April 13 2018

How to Add More Colour to your Life?

Seeing the colors we love leaves us feeling relaxed and happy. It is an invigorating and calming feeling and thus it’s very important to fill our soul with the positive energy that colors bring into our lives. Surround your home and daily routine with colour and you’ll know the difference. In case you’re not up for painting the wall of your room in a big bold blue we have a few simple ways through which you can add more colour to your life.

  • Add new shades to your wardrobe

  • Revamp your wardrobe and re-introduce shades that you haven’t worn in a long long time. You don’t have to wear extremely colorful outfits all the time. Start small. You can start by buying one or two pieces on a color you love and you don’t normally wear. You can mix these accent colors with basic and neutral coloured pieces. Just that pop of color will cheer up your day and will make you feel confident and special.

  • Colour your work space

  • To add colour to your life it is important to add colour to the boring part of your life i.e. the work part. Use stationery that looks irresistible, fun and colourful. Leave notes for your colleagues on cute and attractive sticky notes. They will definitely stand out in your boring work environment and will put a smile on your colleague’s face in spite of all the work you have laid down for him. Get yourself quirky stationery items at

  • Accessorize your favourite space with your favourite colour

  • Sometimes a little detail in you favorite space at house like an orange hand towel in your kitchen, a bright pink flower pot in the balcony or a pair of turquoise cushions on your bed can change the way you approach your mornings. That touch of color that stands out fill your home with energy and make you feel happy and ready to conquer the world.

  • Wear fun socks

  • Trying to make a boring outfit interesting? Look towards your feet. Wearing a pair of fun socks is an intimate and personal way to add more color into your life. Just by knowing that they are there, you will feel unique and adventurous, and you can always hide them under your jeans and shoes. You may also choose to wear fun shoes if you’re really feeling it. Just make sure that the rest of your outfit is sober so that the shoes become the highlight of it all.

  • Dare to wear crazy nail paint colours

  • This is one of the most amazing ways to incorporate color into your life since it’s easy and inexpensive. The best thing is that with a manicure and pedicure you are spoiling yourself while you are adding something fun to your life. You look at your hands a lot more often than you look your face. Why not add colour to them so that every time you look at them you’re left feeling a little more cheerful?

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