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Adding Fun to your Fitness Regime

Posted on May 05 2018

Adding Fun to your Fitness Regime

What does a healthy lifestyle look like? For some people, it looks like a lifestyle without any kind of fun. You have to slog through boring workouts, avoid going out to restaurants and eat twigs and berries. What kind of fun is that? At first, it may look like you have to give up everything to lose weight, but what you gain from those changes is much more meaningful and satisfying. Not only will your body change, but your mind will change as well.

Here are a few easy tips to have a healthier but fun lifestyle-

  • A Healthy Life starts with Breakfast

Juice may seem like a healthy breakfast option because it’s fruit, after all, but store-bought varieties are often packed with hidden sugars and have very little nutritional value. Most places that have juice will also have bananas or apples on hand, so choose one of those and get your hydration from water.

  • Deskercise

Some days, there simply isn’t time for a workout. But that doesn’t mean you can’t exercise at all. Though it may feel funny at first, doing exercises at your desk is a great way to sneak fitness into your day. It will not only help you squeeze in exercise time but will also make sure you stretch your body in the midst of your 8-hour desk sitting routine.

  • Turn TV time into Fitness time

When faced with the option of watching another episode of House or going for a run, hitting “Next Episode” often feels so much easier. But you actually don’t need to choose one or the other. If watching from home, stretch and do bodyweight exercises while enjoying the show. Most cardio machines at the gym also have entertainment, so go ahead and binge on TV.

  • Stay Hydrated

Eight glasses of water a day can help keep the doctor away. Getting plenty of H2O also helps keep you full, energized, and extra focused. To help remind yourself to drink up, keep a water bottle at your desk or set reminders on your phone. Drinking water also helps cure hangovers or avoid them completely and keeps colds at bay.

  • Set Realistic Goals

Whether personal or professional, setting goals is a great way to grow. Just make sure they’re realistic. Instead of aiming to lose 5 kgs, start with two. Want a promotion? Take on one project at a time instead of several new responsibilities. Do schedule monthly check-ins with your boss, friends, or even yourself to assess and reward progress.

  • Get yourself a Fitness Tracker

A wrist-worn device that can detect a combination of your walking steps, running distance, heart rate, sleep patterns, blood pressure and more. These interact via Bluetooth with an app in your phone that configures the device and downloads your activity data. This is the most convenient way for you to know what your body is trying to tell you. Shop Now!


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