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Food & Beverage Branding 101

Posted on January 19 2019

Food & Beverage Branding 101

In this blog, we shall attempt to make you understand the basics of branding in the F&B industry. What is branding and how does it affect your F&B business? In today’s day and age, the competition is cut-throat across all industries. There are thousands, if not millions of people selling and renting the same services and products. How do you make sure that you are seen? How do you make sure you’re still relevant? What is the guarantee that you will survive or thrive or die in the industry competition?  What does it take to not be just another brick in the wall?

While there are multiple variables that go in the answering of all those questions. There is one common major underlying point - BRANDING.

What is Branding?

Bill Taylor of ‘Fast Company’ once said: “Your brand is your culture, and your culture is your brand”. Simply put branding is a compound made up of a few essential elements. The intangible elements which hold the company together and are the heart and souls are things like quality, value for money, work culture, business ethics, corporate social responsibility, and reliability. But the tangible, more physical aspects are your first point of contact with your customers. These are things like the color scheme, motif, moto and the logo of your company. Let’s discuss how branding can lead to direct profits and sustainability for your F&B business. Let’s now understand both the tangible and intangible factors in detail.

Intangible > Branding = Culture = Community = Equity

Simply put, the brand that you build will determine your work culture, this work culture will ultimately be responsible for your end product or service. The culture and service put together would build a niche community for you, and as has been seen with human behaviour -communities grow. This community is directly proportional to equity for you. Hence losing a single step in this equation can prove to be very detrimental for your F&B business. 

Tangible > Logo | Color Scheme | Motto | Motif

Put together, these are the first contact points of an F&B business with its customer. The color scheme of your business, the packaging used and the logo should all maintain uniformity etc. This will set your company up for a certain vibe and will allow people to remember and relate with the brand. Using employee backpacks and delivery bags with your companies logo on them will also increase your brand visibility in the market.

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