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Don't Forget to Carry the Right Bags this Rainy Season

Posted on August 27 2018

Don't Forget to Carry the Right Bags this Rainy Season

Bags play a very important role in your monsoon fashion statement. From your airport look to after office party, they never forget to help you to keep the fashion quotient high. During the monsoon, the travel bag is a must-have before you step out of your house, so make sure you are selecting it wisely.

Verun Rastogi, CEO Mufubu and Dilip Piramal, Founder and MD of Skybags share some must have travel bags designed for this monsoon season.


* Duffel bags: Duffle bags are foldable bag and it is great for the light packer who hates wasting space. This bag mostly comes in waterproof nylon material, it is easy to keep your items safe from rain. It is perfect for a small weekend trip or a night out with friends.

* Multi purpose bags: Multi Purpose bag is something between a suitcase and a backpack. It can be worn on the back or over the shoulder. This type of bag has a main compartment that unfolds like a book for easy packing, a lined laptop sleeve, and an interior shoe compartment. This is ideal for official trips, mostly preferred for its multi-purpose use and it fits everything you need for a three to five day trip.

* Travel bag with the baby strollers: This travel bag is very useful for those traveling with baby strollers, this is must have for new parents because of their unique design and for that segment of travelers. It will be very useful. The durable nylon bag is easy to roll and convenient for carrying strollers and toddler seats.

* The smart backpacks: Thanks to technology, today backpacks look ultra-modern and are the standard carry-on for traveling, at least to most people. It's also about time for backpack fashion to evolve once again with the arrival of smart backpacks. Smart backpacks are like your ordinary backpacks, but only more techie. They can charge your devices, get power from the sun, play your favorite tunes, and more.

* The outdoor backpacks: If you're always out on the move, meeting clients or attending conventions, you'll often find yourself dreading that low battery warning on your smartphone. It can be difficult to find a charger as you need it then this is outdoor backpack is must for you.

It has an external USB charging port and a built-in charging cable, letting you travel with total peace of mind. With a slim profile and a minimalist look, it was designed to deliver seamless functions for the Urban Professional.

* Lifepack anti-theft backpack: Travelling to a whole new city is exciting. The idea of you exploring the great unknown is thrilling. Don't make this adventure turn sour for you. Always keep your things safe! It's scary to be robbed of your money and worse, your Smartphone in a foreign land where you know no one.

With all anti-theft backpacks available in all shopping portals, this will be your best backpack for this monsoon season, all your favourite gadgets are water proof and safe from theft.

* Canvas travel bags: The Canvas travel bags are very chic and affordable weekender bag comes in various colour variations are ideal for women this Monsoon season. It's easy to fit in any airline overhead compartment or under the seat, and great for packing for one or two nights.

A back slide sleeve allows you to slide it over the handle of rolling luggage if you're bringing both for a longer trip.

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