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Pack of 2 Get Unbarred 55 LTR Hiking Backpack with Shoe Compartment

Rs. 1,499.00 Rs. 5,598.00

  • ROOMY ENOUGH: GET UN-BARRED bags is ultra lightweight comes with one main compartment having the capacity of approx 55 Ltr. one enough front pocket, top zipper pocket and two side net pouch pockets along with two adjustable compression straps above in order to adjust the width of the bag as per your requirement.
  • SHOE COMPARTMENT: This bag having a SEPARATE SHOE COMPARTMENT attached in the front just below the upper front pocket which is quite big to put a pair of shoes very comfortably without having second thinking about your these types of belongings.
  • ADJUSTABLE BELTS: This Backpack comes with 8 adjustable straps which all help you be very comfortable while travelling. Padded waist belt along having sufficient length, a width of 8 cm with attached adjustable buckles which is comfortable enough to fit on your waist for better balance while travelling.
  • PADDED BACKSTRAPS:: Backside Honeycomb padded structure which helps you travelling comfortably all day long provides proper air circulation while in summer also to prevent you feel more relax."S" Shaped Straps structure which fits on your shoulders very comfortably, having the width of 7 cm. Backpack bottom bag stud made of rubber act as a guard for your bottom surface and also makes the vertical structural loads of the bag evenly distributed.
  • MULTIPURPOSE : It can be used as a multipurpose backpack as its good to go for hiking, trekking, overnight trip, camping or biking. This bag comes with outer and inner polyester fabric which is water resistant to protect your accessories up to some extend while travelling.

Mufubu is all about our Vision, we design and produce quality lifestyle bags that becomes your life companion in every walk of your life. These lifestyle Bags not only offers style but also unique functions and features that will certainly set you apart from the crowd. This Hiking bag is comfortable and easy to carry, ultra-light and durable with a large capacity to meet the different requirements of both men and women.